Saturday, May 18, 2013

Savanna is now 5 years old, Smokie has passed away.
Roxie and Savanna get along great, Roxie being the Alpha Dog. Savanna still has multiple personalities, Pearly Sweet Cakes when asleep, Thunder Foot The Dog ( we used to call her Piranha Dog) when she has her cape on and races around the property. Princess WizzWater has gone, she is completely housebroken. She has a definite mind of her own. 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another Staghorn Fern

Just got this Staghorn from a man who did not want it anymore, it was getting too big for his yard. Fortunately he told my son's boss about it and he told my son and he told me. It was mounted on a fence but we made a hanger form an Oak limb out of it. It will fill out nicely. Lucky us.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I have not put much in about Savannah so here is an update. Savannah had three different personalities, Princes Wizzwater, Pearly SweetCakes and Piranha Dog. After she learned to not pee in the house she was down to two. When she is asleep she is the sweetest dog in the world hence Pearly SweetCakes. However when she is awake and full of energy and wearing her cape and goggles she is Paranah Dog...Her and Roxie tare the place up inside and out. Smokie still does not like her when he is resting (23hrs a day) but tolerates her the other hour. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yard Art Beacon

A 1920-30 Darley Beacon hangs from an Oak tree.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Knee Operation

The left knee was going bad this time so made an appointment for arthoscopic repair the day after the March Meet Drags, could not miss that. Operation performed by same Dr. who did the right knee. This time I was up and walking the next day unlike the last one which took a month of therapy before I could bend it. The right knee will need replacement in a few years as it is wearing out. Damn it is great getting old. It was kind of wierd watching on TV while they are doing it. Oh the Dr. is the guy on the phone talking to his bookie, he bet I would be walking in 1 day...he won. (get well card from the Orms)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Savannah and Smokie Progress

Smokie has improved with his diabetic condition and has accepted Savannah on occasion. This is one of those occasions.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Meet Savannah

Smokie our 11 yr. old Wiem has a lot of problems, basicly he is getting old. Roxie our young female goes nuts when we take Smokie to the vet, so we thought we would get Roxie a friend to help her get by if Smokie eventually passes away. This is Savannah, she is 7 wks. old and already a charecter. More later when we find out how she gets along with the others.
Day 3...Older dogs still don't like her, bitting everything including me (teething), does not like to be confined.

Day 5... Roxie seemed to giver her some looks and sniffs but thats all. Still a ball of energy disguised as a puppy.

Day 14...Smokie still resist the little monster...Roxie plays a lot with her. Once in a while she acts like she is learning to tell us when she wants out but we have to watch her closely still. Cute when she is tired, a terror when she is awake.

Day 17 Took her to the vet for shots. Did very well, she weighs 1lmost 14 lbs now. Savannah weighed 8 lbs when we brought her home. Smokie still does not like her but may be accepting her a little, I hope so.

Day 25 Smokie has some serious medical problems and this may be why he does not take to her. He has declined in health rapidly lately. We hope he will be OK. The Vet has seen him several times and has not figured out what is wrong. Roxy continues to play with her and seems not to mind her SHARP teeth, I do however.

Day28 Smokie has undergone test by the vet (we thought he was a gonner for sure) and has been diagnosed with a liver problem and diabetis. The liver problem may be caused by his diabetis and may clear up we hope. He gets two shots a day for the rest of his life. Smokie is more tolerant of the new little Piranah but still is a grumpy old man to her. Smokie has been seen wagging his tail while sniffing her so there is hope they will get along. .